• Real Estate Services

    We manage Ontario’s portfolio of government buildings and land, which is one of the largest and most diverse in the country. 

    Provincially owned and leased buildings accommodate the public sector programs, services and people that keep our province running. We oversee the day-to-day operation and long-term maintenance of these facilities through partnerships with private-sector service providers. 

    As part of our effort to keep this building portfolio in good working condition and create efficiencies in the real estate portfolio, we work to improve safety, accessibility and utilization, preserve heritage properties and make the buildings we manage environmentally and financially sustainable.

    We are also responsible for ensuring provincially owned real estate is being used in the best, most optimal way. When land or buildings are no longer needed for government programs or services, we apply real estate best practices to maximize their value and plan for their future use. This can include re-using or selling assets to generate revenue for government re-investment. 

    Finding innovative ways to reduce and revitalize the government’s building and land holdings is central to our business and integral to the value we provide Ontarians.

    • Manage nearly 5,000 provincial buildings/structures and 130,000 acres of land
    • Deliver over 5,000+ construction projects on provincial real estate each year

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